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Decentralised AI for Smart Maintenance

Predict remaining useful life of connected equipment and identify potential failures before they occur, while not requiring any transfer of data to an external cloud.

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Predict, monitor and optimise your asset health

Large amounts of machine data is collected but not being utilised to its full extent. This is where Utpatti's predictive maintenance software can help. We utilise existing sensor and breakdown data to predict potential failures before they occur and help optimise machine maintenance.

Improved breakdown response time
Improved breakdown response time

Our early failure warnings notify both the plant managers and maintenance engineers to schedule planned downtime and procure spare parts early.

Maximize production profitability
Increased OEE of your equipment

Our product helps optimise maintenance plans and schedule maintenance smartly to decrease spare parts & warehouse expenditure.

Understand your machines better
Keep ownership of your equipment data

Our decentralised AI models do not require machine data to be transferred to an external cloud leaving ownership of their data to the companies.

Accurate and better predictions
Accurate and better predictions

Advanced AI engine that is constantly learning from new data to predict machine failures accurately and avoid over maintenance.

Our Product

A simple and usable predictive maintenance application providing accurate breakdown predictions of connected equipment. Our decentralised AI engine alerts maintenance engineers of potential breakdowns months in advance to monitor equipment health and schedule planned maintenance.

  • Early warning notification of potential failure
  • Remaining useful life of connected equipment
  • Health status of equipment
Utpatti Predictive Maintenance Application

"We envision a world where every connected machine learns together with its peers to predict machine failures that it hasn't even experienced."

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