Utpatti used at smart factories

Eliminate Costly Downtime & Boost Assembly Line Efficiency

Using decentralised AI models, Utpatti enables manufacturers to share knowledge across plants to drive company wide innovation, without the need to transfer data.

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The feasibility study by Utpatti validated that impending failures can be predicted by their model with a high accuracy of more than 90%, using sensor data and information from only three previous breakdowns per machine type. This convinced us to test Utpatti’s software on a larger scale.

Pavel Hartl
Leader of Smart Maintenance Working Group, Bosch

Continuous knowledge sharing.
Faster Resolutions.

Large amounts of machine data is collected but not being utilised to its full extent. This is where Utpatti's decentralised knowledge sharing software can help. We utilise existing sensor and breakdown data to train models that then predict failures and offer resolutions to issues.

Improved breakdown response time
55% reduced downtime costs

Early failure warnings enable planned downtime and issues are fixed quicker due to AI resolution suggestions.

Maximize production profitability
Unlock 90% equipment uptime

AI-powered process change suggestions increase productivity and prevent future failures before they happen — resulting in maximised uptime for your machinery

Accurate and better predictions
Reduce warehouse costs by 30%

With foresight on when equipment will need maintenance, just-in-time parts ordering can be utilised to reduce warehouse expenditure.

Understand your machines better
Retain Data Ownership 100%

With our decentralised AI, you can rest assured that your valuable equipment remains securely within your company's control. No need to transfer machine data to an external cloud.

Maximise savings with proactive maintenance

Stay steps ahead with Utpatti and ensure uninterrupted operations while optimising maintenance efficiency. Embrace the future of equipment management with our user-friendly predictive maintenance solution.

  • Early warning notification of potential failure
  • Remaining useful life of connected equipment
  • Health status of equipment
  • Failure resolution suggestions
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Utpatti Predictive Maintenance Application

Ensuring a solid & reliable onboarding process — no external cloud integration needed

Conduct Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study

We collaborate with maintenance and production teams to evaluate the potential use cases with high ROI.

Pilot Test/Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

We demonstrate the value created by our solution by adapting our AI models to your historical data.

Dashboard Insights
Machine Health Prediction

Receive health status and remaining useful life predictions of all connected machines in a customised application dashboard.

Continuous improvements to the model
Continuous Improvements

A continuous learning feedback loop guarantees that the AI model keeps improving with new data and identifies new problems that could occur.

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We understand that every business is unique, and you may be unsure if we are the right fit for your project. So we are offering a free feasibility study to everyone who wants to give us a try.

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