Foresee into your machine failures.

We empower machine builders and industrial plant managers by predicting machine failures before they occur.

Smart Factory

Early, accurate failure predictions.

We provide a decentralised predictive maintenance software that is constantly learning from existing machine sensor data.

For Machine Builders

Track your machine performance in real-time on the industrial floor and learn about any failures early to be prepared before a breakdown occurs. Achieve your SLA goals easily and improve your client relationships.

For Smart Factories

Lower maintenance costs, increase production time and bottom line by predicting machine failures early and reducing unplanned downtimes.

Improved breakdown response time

Improved breakdown response time

Our early failure alerts notify both the plant managers and machine builders with integrated ANDON calls before it occurs.

Accurate and better predictions

Accurate and better predictions

Advanced AI engine that is constantly learning from new data to predict machine failures accurately and avoid over maintenance.

Maximize production profitability

Maximize production profitability

Customizable dashboards that can integrate your factory specific KPIs that illustrate the most value and efficiency.

Understand your machines better

Understand your machines better

Performance analytics of machines across different installations for machine builders and across the plant floor for smart factories.

"We envision a world where every connected machine learns together with its peers to predict machine failures that it hasn't even experienced."

Tejo Chalasani

Tejo Chalasani

Co-Founder & CEO

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Sahitya Parvathaneni

Sahitya Parvathaneni

Co-Founder & CPO

Sahitya LinkedIn

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