Utpatti Webinar to Start using AI for Smart Maintenance

5 Critical Steps to Start Using AI for Smart Maintenance in your Factories

December 16, 2021 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

Evaluating and equipping the smart factory with the right kind of data is the most critical hurdle faced by every smart factory manager and smart maintenance lead. Join us and Pavel Hartl, leader of Bosch Smart Maintenance Working Group, to learn how to cross this hurdle and set up your smart factory for a successful implementation of AI-based Predictive Maintenance solution.

In this webinar, we will delve deep into:

  • How to evaluate the need for AI based on use cases.
  • What you need to setup your smart factory for a successful adaption of AI based Predictive Maintenance.
  • First hand view of how our guest expert, Pavel Hartl from Bosch, evaluates and implements Smart Maintenance tools and solutions.
  • Interactive AMA session with Pavel Hartl answering questions related to Smart Maintenance.

Hosted By
Tejo Chalasani
Dr. Tejo Chalasani
CEO & Founder at Utpatti
Guest Expert
Pavel Hartl
Pavel Hartl
WG Leader of Smart Maintenance at Bosch

60 minutes

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